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We are open to professionals that believe that a higher purpose can only be achieved through collaboration. People that offer more than just their know-how. 

What we have to offer

A great team

A vigorous team, composed of experienced, specialised professionals. Professionals that aim to offer high-quality services and products, and that propose a complete alternative to the bigger firms with our unique set-up.


Complementarity is us. We are able to fill in for each other in any discussion, but at the same time we all have unique qualities, as well as our own focus. It’s how we complement each other.


Quality is expressed in various areas. We enjoy tossing the ball around, to sharpen each other’s focus, and to stimulate new insights between colleagues. Through intervision, but also one-on-one.


We are demanding as to quality; this applies to substance, but also to people. We want to work with the like-minded. People who wish to share, and that hold common standards and values dear, above all.


Our primary goal is to reinforce each other. Our formula strengthens professionals in sales and acquisition. More continuity, more diversity.

Leaving your worries to others

Whether it’s about office and meeting facilities, insurance, or others; by bundling our purchasing power we reduce our costs and contribute to everyone’s professionalism.

Interested to join us? Please consider the following: 

Everyone that meets the conditions and premises may join.
Participation requires commitment.
You have to be willing to share your knowledge.
You have to be willing to participate actively.
Permanent education is a requirement; at least 16 PE-points per year.
Participation comes with a cost, but there are benefits.
We have rules of conduct and a code.
There’s more to life than work, we believe that having fun is just as important.
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