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The world is changing fast. While only 50 years ago the average lifecycle of a company amounted to 61 years, it had run down to only 18 years in 2015. Technological developments will push the average lifecycle of businesses further down over the coming decade, to an expected 10 years. Many companies are not prepared for these changes. The recent crisis has only confirmed this.

These are times that beg for flexible solutions. We’ve seen that need for a flexible attitude on the horizon for some time. It might be a reason for us all to choose independence, but not without trying to connect with people that reinforce us, so we can develop and sustain our network and serve our clients. Here lies our operating model, our vision and mission.

Exponential developments and an increasing juridification require a different perspective, as it does a different breed of professionals.

We have an eye for the business of our relations, and we will always look for the added value we could contribute. We never stop asking what our clients’ objectives are; how can we serve improvement and move our relations forward through practical solutions. Better to be safe, than sorry, after all. That’s also why we deliberately choose to collaborate with corporate lawyers, tax advisors, and other professionals. Jointly our perspective reaches beyond the purely legal aspects. Add to it our abundant experience in various fields, and you can understand why we are particularly fit to devise solutions that don’t stop at legal provisions, or at the prevention of disputes.

“We shape our buildings, thereafter our buildings shape us” ”, Churchill observed. A similar observation also holds for companies and other organisations. Indeed entrepreneurs set out and shape their business by consistently adding value to their customers. And actually to all their stakeholders: owners, employees, suppliers and others.

However, if you look carefully, the shaping is a two way affair: the way a business is structured will most certainly influence the way we see and deal with the world.

Just take a moment to step back and have a look at your company and the market you’re in. Are you satisfied with what you see? Which forces determine the future of  your company?  Are you comfortable with the challenges you face? Now and in the next few years?

It’s all about shape and perspective. And we of Harvey Bloom take ‘shape’ to be a verb. As business architects and builders it is our mission to help you shape your future. We thrive on challenges and are firmly committed to results.

We constantly ask ourselves what your objectives are and what our contribution to them may be; we want to provide added value and get you ahead with practical solutions.

Integrity is what trust in any relationship is founded on. We cherish integrity. This conviction is transmitted through our behaviour and our approach to work. Not only between ourselves, but in particular towards you. We not only acknowledge the value of discussing matters openly, we also like to concretise. At HarveyBloom it all comes together in our compliance committee . And daily in the way we help you to construct, to change your perspective, and to stay focused.

Sustainability isn’t just a slogan for us. Our focus on continuity and sustainability are a key element in all operations: We aim for long-term relationships, work towards sustainable business for you, in the interest of all your stakeholders, and we reduce our CO2-emission. We are aware of our responsibilities towards society, so we also engage ourselves pro bono.

We value transparency in all we do: it comes across in the way we work, in the fees we apply, and of course in our contacts.

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