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The lawyers at HarveyBloom Advocaten share the conviction that professional (legal) services also imply helping the client select the person most fit to get the job done. When the prospect is litigation, that person will be a lawyer from HarveyBloom Advocaten, but in different situations the client might be better served by the assistance from another type of specialist. And this also applies from the perspective of cost control. If necessary, we always look for interdisciplinary solutions, also outside the realm of legal professionals.

That’s why HarveyBloomAdvocaten and HarveyBloom were jointly founded in 2016. Both are a Cooperative (without individual liability, or an ‘UA’) with the purpose of creating the ideal context for lawyers and other professionals to work autonomously yet harmoniously, and to offer more than take-away know-how.

You can count on the independence of HarveyBloom Advocaten. All professionals at HarveyBloom and HarveyBloom Advocaten consider the quality of their services as their top-priority.

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