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Misha is happy to answer any question on our services.
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      +31(0)6 52 52 13 24
      Misha Breur

Experienced lawyer, substitute magistrate

Misha Breur started his career at the AWVN as a corporate lawyer. He’s been a legal counsel since 2000, specialising in labour and corporate law. He’s a member of the Vereniging voor Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland (VAAN, or Dutch association of labour lawyers), and substitute magistrate at the Court of Den Bosch. He has a broad range of interests, is active and involved. He will go all the way to find a solution, and keep his foot down if he must. His objective will always be to build a relationship of trust with his clients.

Mischa: “I try to engage with my client, who, first of all, needs to acquire insight into the way the game is played. Any case is a matter of good cooperation: all contributing their proper expertise and experience.”

Practise shows that it pays back to getting your facts sorted out, which allows you to get a clear picture of your (legal) position and be effective in the subsequent phases. Deciding on the strategy and acting come next. It is essential the client actively  teams up with us in the process and  remains in control.

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