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Rob is happy to answer all your questions on our services.
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      +31(0)6 21 80 49 04
      Rob van Biezen

Experienced lawyer, interim manager, background in ICT

Educated in Leiden, he graduated in Netherlands Law, including three years of reading fiscal law. So a thorough knowledge of fiscal matters is available. After a long career in business, he switched to legal counselling. Thanks to his thorough knowledge of business (for example as an interim manager), he is perfectly aware of the priorities of entrepreneurs. He is knowledgeable in various fields: legal, fiscal, economic, and commercial.

Rob is mainly active in two fields of law. The first is contract law. Think of issues regarding the interpretation of contracts, direct debits, enforcing the fulfilment of contracts. The truth is our entire professional, and private, life is dominated by agreements, that is: by contracts. Because verbal agreements are contracts, too.

The second field he specialises in is divorce law. It’s a specialism that combines well with his knowledge of contract law. He particularly focuses on contracts with prenuptial agreements that include a ‘verrekeningsbeding’, an arrangement that calculates income and capital of spouses against each other. It’s a specific field in which few are well-prepared. And if businesses are involved, too… This is the kind of complex divorces Rob can help you out with.

Rob is an NMI-registered mediator. He acts as a mediator in business disputes and divorces. The combination of lawyer and mediator is extremely useful in a wide variety of cases; also in matters of divorce, legal know-how is essential. He guarantees solid mutual agreements for all mediation participants, compliant with all legal criteria and standards.

He also is a certified Juripax mediator, which allows him to conduct on-line mediations.

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